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Technology Trend: Internet of Things

Internet of Things and printed circuit boards go hand in hand. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects-devices, vehicles, buildings and other items-embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. IoT is growing at a very rapid rate as Broadband internet becomes more widely available and more devices are created with Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors built into them. IT research firm Gartner has estimated that by 2020, up to 26 billion devices could be connected to the Internet.

The reality is that IoT allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place, it certainly opens the door to a lot of opportunities but also to many challenges. Data and security are the most discussed obstacles that companies will come across. With so many devices being connected, how can companies guarantee that the information being gathered is secured? As all these devices will be collecting data, companies need to figure out where the data will be stored.

As IoT becomes more popular we have seen a growing demand for Flex and HDI PCBs. Many of these devices require PCBs that can fit into constricted spaces while delivering high performance. Flex PCB and High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs are the reasoning behind sophisticated medical implants and hearing aids to fitness trackers and augmented reality heads-up displays. These types of boards can be formed into many shapes and are suitable for harsh environments.

Flex and HDI PCB technologies can ensure that the circuit boards powering the IoT are sufficiently small and high-performing to power a wide variety of devices. They can help drive down the number of wiring connectors, minimize space and weight, and improve PCB reliability through the reduction of things such as thermal stress.

Nujay is your go to when in need of Flex and HDI Printed Circuit Boards, we've partnered with the experts. Our strategic alliances with PCB factories who produce Flex and HDI boards on a regular basis with high quality materials allow us to be confident in supplying you the best PCBs. We'd love to help build your existing or new PCBs which are being used in IoTs.



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