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Cavity and COIN PCBs

Nujay Technologies has partnered with a very high-technology PCB manufacturer from Taiwan. They specialize in to manufacturing of special PCBs which is out of capability of the most of the run-of-a-mill type PCB manufacturers of the world. This vendor-partner has been making PCBs with cavities and COINs on a regular basis.

Cavity Technology

Besides keeping mechanical design in a low-profile format, cavity down can be used to reduce total thickness when inserted components or design for wave guide to reduce signal loss and raise speed of transmission for high-frequency signals, then limiting signal transmission in the slot at the same time.

Coin Insertion Technology

In this technology, a piece of metal coin is embedded inside the PCB under the high-power components, so the heat created from the components can be effectively dissipated through the coin to another side of the PCB. Since the coin is small and light weight, it has great advantage of lower cost and very good performance. This technology has been used in the PCB for base stations, point-to-point radio and military radar systems. It is also under testing for IC substrate application now.


Cavities and Coin technologies are used for the boards used in following industries and applications.

  • Automotive

  • High Current Circuits

  • Power Amplifiers

  • DC Power Supplies

  • Central Electric Hybrid Cars

  • Motor Control Modules

  • Power-train in EV

  • High Speed Computing

  • RF & MW Applications

Following is an example of a 10 layer PCB. The PCB specifications, stack-up and pictures are courtesy of our vendor partner which is currently making newer version this board.

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