Printed Circuit Boards

PCBs that work, cost less, and arrive on time. From Rigid and Flex to Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards, Nujay is your go-to source for highly-customized, affordable and reliable electronic components. Whether single-sided or multi-layer, heavy power or metal clad, made with standard laminates or exotic high frequency material, our global network of top-tier manufacturers has the technology necessary to develop your unique product, no matter how intricate. Tell us your PCB needs and leave the rest to us.


Comprehensive PCB solutions to fit your needs:

  • Rigid

  • Flex & Rigid-Flex

  • Metal PCB

  • Impedance Controlled

  • Backplanes

  • High Frequency

  • Sequential Lamination

  • Heavy Copper

  • HDI

Printed Circuit Boards Assembly

Nujay Technologies focuses strictly on the supplying of bare PCBs. However as many of our OEM customers wish to outsource their electronics assemblies, we have a reliable roster of assembly firms on hand. Nujay can refer you directly to one of our CM customers or if you prefer, we can handle your end-to-end supply chain needs through our CM customers and partners.

Comprehensive PCB Assembly:

  • Through-Hole

  • Surface Mount

  • Flex & Rigid-Flex

  • BGA & Micro BGA

  • Complete Box Build