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Nujay Technologies Inc. was founded in 2001 in Orange County, California with the simple premise to upend the status quo of printed circuit board procurement. After a decade developing one of the nation’s largest and most ambitious PCB projects in India, founder Nesh Dholakia created Nujay Technologies to address what he saw as a major need for North American electronics companies.


Unlike large corporations with their considerable resources, small and medium-sized electronics enterprises were being cut out of competitive pricing available via overseas suppliers. Smaller firms simply did not have the time, staff or international connections to make the inroads necessary for sustainable component procurement. This is where Nujay excels.


Nujay helps its customers increase their competitive advantage and expand new business opportunities by sharing access to a global network of PCB manufacturers, ensuring equal-access pricing to a wide array of products, on-time deliverables and complete supply-chain management. As a result of Nujay’s due diligence and proven track record, companies of all sizes, from startups to established multinationals, now turn to us for their technology component requirements.


We identify, audit and qualify only the highest-caliber suppliers. Our team prides itself in our established partners’ flexibility, as they are prepared to fulfill customer requirements immediately with the utmost accuracy. We engage with our suppliers daily on all technical and commercial matters and provide efficient, cost-effective shipping from the factory floor to your front door through our international logistics network.


Nujay is, in short, a complete end-to-end PCB supply chain management solution.

Nesh Portrait 2019.jpg

Nesh Dholakia 
President, Co-Founder


With over 35 years’ experience in electronics product development, manufacturing, operations and marketing, Nesh is a founding
partner of Nujay Technologies.
He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BS in Chemical Engineering.

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