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Asked Questions

1. Are you a Broker?
Nujay Technologies is technically a PCB  broker, but we are much more than that. We add value by doing things like qualifying off-shore suppliers, conduct incoming inspections and offer you KANBAN/ Consignment and Just In Time deliveries. We have long established relationships with vendors in Asia as well as domestically so that we have the freedom to provide you with wide range of PCBs. One phone call to Nujay and you can get just about any circuit boards you require. You could say we are the of PCBs.

2. Why should I buy boards from you?
Simply because we can offer you a wide range of PCBs, we can get them to you on time. We can stock them for you allowing you to take advantage of volume pricing while only getting the boards you want when you want them. We also assure top quality worry free boards. Because of our long time experience of buying and selling boards we can afford to take all of the risk and leave the ease of doing business to you.

3. What can you do that another board shop can’t?
A board shop is brick and mortar and they are bound by that brick and mortar. There are only certain types of boards they can do. No one board shop can provide what we can provide with our relationships with a number of board shops.

4. I already buy boards from offshore vendors – why should I use you?
Because we have been doing this for over twenty years. We have a great deal of experience not to mention long standing relationships with vendors in Asia. But the most important thing is that we know better than anyone else how to do it. We not only know how to work with our current vendors but we know how to establish relationships with new vendors. We know how to find and buy any kind of PCB in the world. It’s as simple as that.

5. What if something goes wrong with an order?
This is the beauty of working with Nujay. As far as you’re concerned nothing can go wrong. When we take an order from you we guarantee price and delivery. If something goes wrong it’s on us. We solve the problem, we take on any financial impact. We handle the issues. You will get your boards on time at the right price no matter what happens.

6. How does Nujay selects its manufacturing partners?
Nujay has very stringent procedure to select its suppliers. Rather than trusting any of the hundreds of emails received from off-shore suppliers soliciting PCBs,  president of Nujay personally travels to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China and meets with prospective suppliers at reputed trade shows. Then he will personally survey the PCB factories and verifies, factory layout for smooth material flow, work environment – cleanliness, air quality etc, quality management systems, quality control procedures, SPC charts, Operator training documents, and technological capability claimed by the suppliers. He will interview quality inspectors for their knowledge of International quality standards like IPC. He will evaluate the engineering capabilities of the factory. Also, he will verify the current customer base of the suppliers and management commitment to support Nujay and its customers with the highest standard of the customer services.

7. What is the quality management systems followed by Nujay and its suppliers?
Nujay is ISO9001:2015 certified. While its suppliers are ISO9001:2015, IATF/ TS16949, ISO13485 and AS9001 accredited. Please ask us about your specific certification requirements.

8. What is your typical delivery time?
Nujay can deliver prototype boards with in 48 hours. Typically for prototype design with less than 5 days delivery we use our North America based partners. While for pre-production and mass production we use off-shore partners. The delivery time from the off-shore suppliers is typically 2-5 weeks.

9. How soon can I get quotes?
Typically you can get quotes within 24 hours. If you have to have quotes on the same day, please mention it in your communication or give us a call and we will provide quotes on the same day!

10. Can Nujay give us advice of Design For manufacturability (DFM)?
Yes, of course. Nujay’s team has combined experience of 45 years. We can suggest you penalization, ways to make PCB design easier without compromising its electrical properties so that you can obtain PCBs at cheaper price.

11. I am a PCB manufacturer and I am losing customers due to my high cost of manufacturing. Can I buy and resell PCBs supplied by Nujay?
Yes, sure you can. In fact we have special pricing model for resellers. Please contact us for setting you up as our sales partner. We will maintain total confidentiality. We will sign NDA with you and if required with your end customer. We will protect your business interest if your end customer happens to contact us direct.

12. How do you keep me informed about the progress of our orders?
Nujay’s Inside Sales/ Operation staff will confirm your purchase order within 24 hours with the delivery we can commit based on the technology and volume of your products. Then every week, you will receive Open Order Report notifying you about the progress of order. The open order report will let you know whether your product will be ready earlier than you estimated or it is on time or going to be delayed. You can always call us to know about the status of the order and our friendly staff members will update you with the delivery status.

13. How does Nujay assure the quality of my products?
Nujay is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. We have fully established incoming inspection procedure. Products are inspected with calibrated inspection gadgets and quality is assured against customer fabrication drawing, and gerbers and IPC 600 & IPC 6012 standards.

14. Why should you consider Nujay Technologies to do off-shore sourcing?
Finding the right factory for your requirements, especially in Asia, is challenging, expensive and often fruitless. Time and money lost on under preformed suppliers is costly and counter productive. Your time is better spent in other areas. Nujay is experienced in sourcing. We have developed and earned the respect of some of the best manufacturers both offshore and domestically. Our long time partnerships have achieved what only larger companies are usually capable of. Let Nujay match your technology and volumes with sources that have already been proven.

15. Can I know the name of the factory which is making my products?
Yes, you can. We are not like mean brokers who hide supplier’s name from customers and customer’s name from supplier. We are your supply chain partner. We will give you name and location of the supplier as well as we will provide you their quality certificates. If you want to audit facility, we will arrange a factory visit for you.

16. How do we get started?
Send your data to Remember to specify the quantity(s) and lead-time(s) needed. We accept RS-274X Gerber files, .pdf, and CAD/CAM files with .dwg, and .dxf, filenames. PCB quotations are returned in 24 hours, unless you are requesting a quick turn around time, then it will only be a couple of hours.

17. How do we place a purchase order?
Please e-mail your purchase order to the sales representative who provided the quote, You can also send Purchase order to We send prompt confirmation of every order, so you can rest assured it has been received and is being processed.

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