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Excellent Presentation on MCPCB by our leading supply chain partner Sunshine Group.

We are using Sunshine Group as supply chain partner for complicated PCBs. Here is the downloadable copy of their excellent presentation on metal clad - MCPCBs. You can contact us to source MCPCBs of any kind. The presentation gives a very good inside about the MCPCB technology and applications.

Overview of Thermal PCB’s

• MCPCB’s = Metal Core PCB’s, and include metal backed  PCB’s

• Metal cores or backers are used as heatsinks, for cooling  hot components and thermal management of PCB’s

Applications include LED’s, automotive ECU’s, cellular  base‐ station power amplifiers (RAN PA boards), and high  speed computing motherboards

Metal cores may be embedded or attached to one side

PCB’s may have 1 or more conductive layers, and may be built with FR4, Teflon/Ceramic, Flex, or special heat conductive dielectrics

Common heatsink metals are copper, aluminum, and  brass.

To download the complete presentation, Please click below;

Intro to Thermal PCB Technology, JFang,
Download • 6.40MB


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