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Let Nujay Technologies Handle Your Metal Core PCB Needs

Nujay understands that metal core PCBs are crucial in some applications as advanced electronics are requiring higher power levels and larger heat removal from denser chip packaging. The most common metals being used are aluminum and copper alloy. Aluminum core is more cost effective than copper, therefore many of our customers have designed their boards with aluminum.

Metal core PCBs were originally manufactured to be used by the power-supply industry; but they’re now mostly being used for high brightness LED products.

Metal Core PCB

Metal core PCBs are also being used for the following applications:

*    Power Converters

*    High Powered LEDs

*    Automotive: Head lights, tail lights, “under the hood” electronics

*    Aerospace

*    Consumer Electronics: Street lighting, Traffic control lighting, interior building lights, camping gear

*    Medical

*    Military

Advantages of using Metal Based PCBs are:

*    Heat Transfer

*    Reduced Thermal Stress on Components

*    Heat Dissipation

*    Increased Power Density and Reliability

*    Extended Product Life

*    Smaller Footprints as heat sinks are not required

The leading Metal Core laminate suppliers are Laired and Bargquist Company. Nujay’s suppliers can use metal core substrates and T-Lams (thermally conductive prepregs) from any of these two companies if your PCBs are designed based on their laminates. However, our suppliers can also cross the raw material with local equivalent laminates after our customer’s approval. Both our local and off-shore partners can make MC PCBs. However, one of our off-shore partners has a dedicated high speed automatic line to process Single sided Metal Core boards, while one of our local partners is an expert on processing AISMALIBAR’s Cobritherm and Flextherm Material.

Nujay Technologies has recently partnered up with a leading supplier located in South Korea for high volume Flex Circuits. This supplier also supplies Aluminum based Flexible PCBs. These PCBs are thin and bendable. Nujay’s partners understand the growing demand for Metal Based PCBs.



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