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Take Advantage of Nujay Tech’s Heavy Copper PCB Capabilities

Here at Nujay Technologies our PCB customers work in many different spaces. One of our focuses is to work with customers that use heavy copper PCBs.

Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCBs are very important for the following products/industries:

* DC/DC Converters * Planar Transformers * High Power Distribution * Solar Power Supply Units

* Industrial Power Amplifiers, etc

The demand for heavy copper PCBs is growing quickly and Nujay has partnered with a strong heavy copper manufacturer to cater to this growing need. Nujay can cater to this industry with capabilities of supplying copper thickness as low as 2 oz and as high as 15 oz on double sided boards. For multilayers, we can do up to 13 oz on inner and outer layers!

Nujay Technologies is well aware of the importance of why power electronic products are now using heavy copper printed circuit boards.  The primary benefits of heavy copper circuit boards are:

*    Increased current carrying capacity *    Increased endurance to thermal stress *    Enhanced mechanical  strength of pads and PTH holes *    Efficient heat transfer

*    Compact product size due to several copper weights on the same layer of circuitry.

The improved copper weight, along with a thicker plating and appropriate substrate in the through-holes can change a weak board into a long-lasting and dependable wiring platform.

The current-carrying capacity is determined from the width and the thickness of the copper trace. IPC-2221B provides a chart of the current carrying capacity v/s copper thickness. If you are designing a heavy copper PCB, please write to us as we’d love to send you a link to download a free e-book on Designing Heavy Copper PCBs written by Mr. Robert Tarzwell.

Nujay’s partner has acquired a UL certification on a wide range of copper thicknesses. They are also ISO 9001:2008  and TS 16949 certified. They have allowed us to understand the importance of heavy copper PCBs, its capabilities and potential applications.



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