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Nujay Technologies supplies High Frequency PCBs quickly!

A leading and the fastest growing Solid State Power Amplifier manufacturer was sourcing their FR4 based and Teflon based high-frequency PCBs from an Asian company. For some unknown reason, this supplier started supplying PCBs with serious quality issues. Batch after batch quality issues started popping up creating a massive backlog of production. Finally, this OEM company lost their trust in this Asian supplier and decided to move out of this unreliable supplier.

High-Frequency PCB

Engineering department approached Nujay to take over manufacturing of all critical boards which were made out of FR4 Tg 170, Isola 370HR and 185HR, Rogers 4000 and 6000 series. Nujay team, being always ready with supply chain solution for any kind of PCB technology, immediately visited this customer and met with engineering team and management team to understand their requirements.

In no time Nujay successfully migrated PCB business to very high quality and reliable PCB vendor/partner in Taiwan.

Nujay has become an unannounced preferred vendor at this customer!



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