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Successful Transition of 90 Part Numbers from Non-RoHS to RoHS complaint PCBs

One of our customers is in the Industrial Instrumentation and Controls segment. This customer supplies its products to refineries, oil exploration instruments, thermal power stations, and nuclear power plants worldwide. This customer was needed to comply to the EU Standards of RoHS2 by July 22nd, 2017.

Nujay Tech was proactively reminding this customer for the upcoming deadline. Customer decided to move its all products from Non-RoHS to RoHS compliant in May 2017. With one meeting and one ECO (Engineering Change Order) by E-Mail, Nujay was given go-ahead to start making all the parts RoHS Compliant.

To differentiate between the RoHS PCBs and the Non-RoHS PCBs Nujay suggested that the customer allow Nujay to use a different solder mask color and PB-Free logo on all the RoHS Boards.

These 90 parts were sourced from seven different facilities located in China and Taiwan.

The Nujay Tech team meticulously listed all the part numbers and corresponding manufacturers. Nujay’s engineering team prepared ECO for each part number according to the customer’s choice of solder mask color, surface finish and with the instruction to add PB-Free Logo. Nujay ordered parts from preferred suppliers in small batches, asking confirmation of the implementation of the ECOs from the factorys’ Pre-Production Engineering departments.

Nujay Tech’s inspection team updated all the clients inspection documents while the PCBs were in production.

When the PCBs started arriving, the Nujay Team inspected all the PCBs to the industry standards.

Nujay successfully transitioned 90 part numbers this way! If customer was sourcing PCBs themselves from Asia, they would have to involve their engineering department and would have spent number of hours to coordinate this activity.

Since they trusted Nujay for their PCB sourcing, Nujay coordinated everything saving the client much time and money.



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