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Take Advantage of Nujay's Supply Chain

Nujay wants to exceed your expectations with our PCB products and services. We guarantee that we'll add value to your business by offering exceptional services with no additional costs. Our long established relationships with our on-shore and off-shore suppliers have come with a great deal of work; and that is our supply chain management.

At Nujay Technologies we combine all of the competitive advantages of those great off-shore large volume prices with the convenience of getting the right quantity of boards exactly when you want them. We'll stock your PCBs, allowing you to take advantage of volume pricing while only getting the boards you want when you want them. We assure top quality worry free boards; that's what you're guaranteed when you work with Nujay Technologies.

We provide everything you need for supply chain management including:

* Proactive Order Management System

* International Logistics Management

* On-Shore Inspection

* KANBAN/ Just In Time Deliveries

* Guaranteed Quality

As far as you're concerned nothing can go wrong, when we book your order we guarantee the price and delivery. Nujay's supply chain management allows us to promise that you'll get your boards on time and at the right price no matter what happens. There's nothing quite as easy or economical. 

If you know that you're going to be using 12,000 pieces of a certain part number, but you only need 1,000 per month. Economically you're going to want the 12,000 piece price.

 Let's say the unit price for 1,000 pieces is $6.00 and the price for 12,000 pieces is $4.00.

If you order your boards 1,000 pieces at a time the yearly price will be $72,000, but if you take advantage of Nujay Technologies' Supply Chain Management system and order all 12,000 boards at once knowing you'll only pay for them as you need them, 

the price for the entire order will be $48,000; that's a yearly savings of $24,000!

Where can you get a better deal?

One of our customers, a contract manufacturer from upstate New York, came to us because they were given a large contract with a leading manufacturing company of commercial and military battery chargers. Our customer gained their business because Nujay was able to provide them with a cost benefit through our supply chain management system. Our customer has been able to retain their contract for the last 5 years with Nujays' cost savings.

Our goal is to make you successful and we do this by customizing our offerings so they'll fit just what your needs are. We manage multiple manufacturing facilities, meaning there's no dependence on a single supplier allowing our supply chain to be more robust and reliable. Nujay believes there's no other way to do business.

Please contact us by phone at 949-215-8555/ 1-855-4PCB-LCD or by e-mail at

We would love to start saving you money with our supply chain management system! 


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